How about Bex sunglasses?

Are Bex glasses polarized?

BEX Sunglasses stand apart in design, performance and innovation. Every pair is lightweight, polarized, and features BEX NYPO Lens Technology for premium durability and superior optical clarity. BEX Sunglasses are engineered to fit comfortably on your face, complementing any active lifestyle. distinct balance of style and performance attracts an ever-growing audience from cowboys to urbanites, professional athletes to ski bums, business suits to fishing guides.

How about the quality of Bex sunglasses?

BEX is one of the leading product design and eye-wear brands in the world. Chosen by customers for its superior comfort and affordability. The professional standard in lightweight eye-wear design. BEX is created to generate minimal movement on your face, no matter what activity you are engaged in, offering men’s and women’s product lines that appeal to performance, outdoor active, and lifestyle consumers.

Every pair is lightweight, polarized and features superior lens technologies for premium durability and optical clarity. Each style is designed to look great on both men and women. We understand that an active lifestyle causes normal wear and tear on the nose pads, which is why each pair of sunglasses comes with a replaceable set of nose pads.

Where is Bex made?

BEX Sunglasses, a USA company headquartered in the North Las Vegas, Nevada, has announced in-house manufacturing and is proud to offer sunglasses that are Made in the USA.
The BEX® JAEBYRD™ is currently in production, and will be the first BEX product manufactured domestically.

Who is the owner of BEX sunglasses?

Jason Adams
Jason Adams is the founder of BEX, a small business manufacturing performance sunglasses and outdoor gear that is sold online and in over 700 stores.

What is the brand BEX?

BEX is an active lifestyle brand, focused on creating the perfect balance between style, performance and functionality, and driven by innovation. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the BEX team works diligently to provide the finest in quality products and exceptional customer service.
The BEX brand became known not through expensive marketing campaigns, but by word of mouth from the people who started wearing their gear.


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